Dare Ideas For Her

Good Dares For Girls, Truth Or Dare Ideas To Spice Up Your Sex Life

dare ideas for girls

  • Introduce yourself by printing out this page, filling in the blanks, taking a picture, ¬†and send it to us to be posted on the site!
  • Go to a public place and convince a stranger you’re on a scavenger hunt and you need a picture of them kissing your bare bottom (or vice versa) for the win.
  • Go for a drive… and forget your clothes.
  • Wear a short skirt to the mall with no underwear and ride the escalators.
  • Find a piece of paper, using only your nipples and condiments from the fridge draw a scene (house, person, animal, etc.)
  • Dress Up (hooker, dirty mechanic, construction worker, nurse, pretty much whatever you have laying around)
  • In the shower (less messy this way) drink a glass of your favorite wine by pouring it between her breasts allowing it to run down her body and lick it up as it runs over her vagina.
  • After it gets dark, go outside with your camera. Leave all the lights on in the house so you can see inside. In one window, have her flash you. In another, have her press her butt against the window. In a different window, have her play with herself for 30 seconds. Take a picture or video of each one.
  • Sneak into a guys bathroom strip and take a picture next to something that proves you’re in the men’s bathroom.
  • Walk out to check the mail (beginner topless, advanced nude)
  • Sit on your partner’s favorite dessert and then ask them to clean it up with only their mouth.
  • Grab your favorite issue of playboy and mimic the poses for your partner
  • Masturbate to completion in a public place
  • Pretend you’re in your own personal wet t-shirt contest. Get in the shower in all whites.
  • Flash your goods in a restaurant or hotel.
  • Get naked on your porch or balcony
  • Pose naked with a stranger (might want to ask their permission first)
  • Make a Naked Snow Angel
  • Put a wine/liquor bottle in the fridge/freezer earlier in the night and dare her to lay it on its side and rub herself on the bottle.
  • Dress her up like a school girl and spank her with a yardstick/ruler.
  • Change your clothes in a public place
  • Put on your sexiest pair of panties and a short skirt, go to a shopping center and tuck the back of the skirt into your underwear. Go until someone tells you. Have your partner get some good pictures for us!
  • Go to a car wash wearing a sheer white dress or shirt, be sure to get plenty wet.
  • In an elevator strip completely naked then put your clothes back on without your underwear. better hope no one is getting on between floors :)
  • Hula hoop naked
  • Suck on an ice cube then go down on her
  • Melt an ice cube half way so it’s small enough. Then put it in her vagina and keep it there until it melts